George Taufa'ahau Tupou I
Tonga has a rich history and its history is inseparable from the three dynastic lines that the current Royal Family holds in its veins.    Much of Tongan history is of the struggle for dominance between dynasties, Tu’i Tonga, Tu’i Kanokupolu and Tu’i Ha’atakalaua.  However, Tonga was also a powerful Empire that ruled other nations in the Pacific, including Samoa, parts of Fiji and the Cook Islands, Niue and Fotuna.
This section of the website will have additional information about the warrior kings of old, as well more recent historical Royal figures, whose legacy can still be strongly seen in modern Tonga. 
King George Tupou I was considered the illustrious father of modern Tonga who united Tonga politically and adopted Christianity.  His name was Taufa’ahau and he strove for unity and security in Tonga.  His many achievements included Tongan independence, when most other Pacific nations were colonised; the emancipation edict, which gave common people rights they had not previously enjoyed; and a modern constitution for Tonga. 
More information about the history of Tonga, ancient and modern, will be available.  This website is currently under construction.